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Passionate About Inspiring Others to Fully Embrace Their Leadership Role

Ralph Cagna is the Founder of Lean Into Leadership which is  chartered to equip and encourage leaders to lead with determination, humility, grit, and grace.


In his current role, Ralph speaks, writes, and consults on topics related to leadership development, building employee engagement, customer service, and overcoming adversity.

Ralph  began his lifelong study of and passion for leadership dynamics as a United States Air Force cadet.  Upon completing his undergraduate studies and  commissioning, he started his professional leadership journey as an Air Force officer.  He left active duty after 6 years of service, entered the USAF Reserve, and made a "soft landing" in civilian life in Healthcare Information Technology leadership field. 


As a member of the leadership team of a major healthcare provider, Ralph has taught classes in leadership development and has served as an Employee Engagement Coach.  He has written for national magazines and frequently speaks on subjects related to leadership and overcoming challenges. In addition to his USAF leadership training, much of Ralph's leadership formation and philosophy is rooted in his Catholic faith. His lifelong passion for leadership and related soft skills development are the impetus for his current work.    

Ralph holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Grove City College and an MBA from Baldwin-Wallace University. He earned a CPHIMS certification from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society and a BRMP certification from the Business Relationship Management Institute.  Ralph ia also a graduate of the USAF's Air Command and Staff College. 

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In order to achieve excellence in any endeavor, we need both “Desire” and “Technique.” We need both the “will do” and the “can do” to take the appropriate and required action in all areas of our lives to achieve desired results. The “can do” focuses mostly on the tools and processes that will lead to success, but without the “will do”, we simply will not take sufficient action to make what needs to happen actually happen. My favorite analogy is the treadmill in my basement. It is a fine piece of machinery and I know the Technique (can do) to use it, but my Desire (will do) to use it is too often uninspired.


With all the shiny objects competing for our attention in the workplace today, why should we take the time to improve our leadership capability? What is the ROI of leadership development and what is the opportunity cost of diverting our finite energy and attention from another worthwhile goal to instead invest in it?   Does Your leadership team/organization exhibit the same level of rigor and parity to its leadership responsibilities as it does to other key performance factors?  If not, you are not alone.  Because of a multitude of workplace factors, focusing on leadership roles is often short changed.  See my blog/article entitled Do You Feel the Need to LEAD.

Contact me today to explore how we can help your organization more fully embrace its leadership potential and in turn reap the benefits that inspired leadership will provide to your staff and your clients.  Together, we will make a difference!.  

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