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Equipping Leaders to Lead with Determination, Humility, Grit, and Grace

How? By First and Foremost Inspiring Talent to Focus on the Why of Leadership

In a world where automation, globalization, and other factors are redefining our workplaces, the need to become great people managers and leaders may be one of the few essential constants remaining.



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Having had the privilege of serving in leadership roles of two world class organizations (the U.S. Air Force and Cleveland Clinic Health System) for the majority of my professional career, I am committed to equipping and encouraging leaders.

I founded Lean Into Leadership to address a need that I believe the myriad of other leadership development organizations and offerings were largely missing.  That is the "why" of leadership versus only the "what and how" of leadership.  Simply offering great leadership development content, tools, and resources is not sufficient. 


We as leaders need to be absolutely convinced of and committed to the fact that in service to those we lead and to the clients we serve, improving our leadership quotient is a “high gain” activity that requires an investment, even at the expense of other “important” activities that we perform.

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Our job as leaders is not to somehow make people follow us but it is instead to become more worthy of being followed. 

Ralph Cagna, Founder


How I Can

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"At our national sales managers meeting, his  story telling and presentation brought everyone of us to our feet ! "

"I would have liked to hear him speak for a few more hours”

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